360 Digital Marketing

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What does 360 Digital Marketing refer to?

“360 Digital Marketing” refers to an approach to digital marketing that covers all aspects of the spectrum of digital tactics and channels to promote a business or brand. The concept of “360” indicates the completeness and holistic approach in the execution of digital marketing tasks.

In 360 Digital Marketing, tactics are applied across all available digital platforms and channels, such as websites, social networks, email marketing, search engine ads, content, videos, podcasts, etc. The goal is to create a comprehensive online presence that meets all the needs and preferences of the public.

The 360 Digital Marketing approach can include:

  • Channel Usage Strategy: Choosing the right digital channels that match the company’s goals and audience.
  • Integrated Campaigns: Combining different tactics and platforms to create cohesive messages and experiences.
  • Personalized Approach: Customized communication and content for the needs of each channel’s audience.
  • Continuous Improvement: Analyze results and adjust strategy based on data.
  • Audience Focus: Understanding audience needs, habits and behaviors for tailored communication.

The 360 Digital Marketing approach understands that digital platforms are interconnected and must work together to produce the best results and attract and retain audiences.

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